Good Jobs

Jobs 2

Creating good paying jobs is a priority for Greg Cox. That’s why residents have trusted him to oversee more than $1.3 billion of construction, or 2.8 million square feet, in County facilities since 2002, and bring job-promoting development to Chula Vista’s Bayfront, along with major upgrades to infrastructure at the U.S./Mexico border and the San Diego International Airport. These investments in our future will help expand international exports in industries like the maritime-based “Blue Economy.” He is responsible for launching the dockside Fishermen’s Market near Seaport Village, and will continue working with local businesses and labor organizations to retain, expand and create new jobs that take advantage of our unique position on the Pacific Rim in the southwestern corner of the United States.

Safe Neighborhoods

Greg Cox is keeping our neighborhoods safe by hiring more deputy sheriffs and probation officers and increasing rehabilitation and monitoring programs to limit local impacts from the State’s release of prison inmates. He created a County Fire Authority and acquired firefighting helicopters. He initiated the nationally recognized Reverse 911 system, developed the 2-1-1 San Diego call center for emergencies, launched the award-winning Graffiti Tracker program and supported the Law Enforcement Coordination Center to combat terrorism and major crimes. That’s why he is LAW ENFORCEMENT’S CHOICE, earning backing from the Deputy Sheriffs Association, Deputy District Attorneys Association and Probation Officers Association.

Healthy Families


Greg Cox is dedicated to nurturing healthy families. He is a leader in reforming foster care, in creating the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program and in establishing the Exceptional Families for Exceptional Children campaign. He has expanded elder abuse programs and increased monitoring of residential care facilities. Greg has led efforts to improve access to affordable healthcare and develops partnerships to find housing and create support for the homeless. He is a long standing champion of veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. By centralizing services through 2-1-1 San Diego, Greg Cox has made it easier for individuals and families to access programs and services offered by the County and the 9,000 non-profit organizations in the region.

Healthy Environment

Environment 2

Greg Cox recognizes that healthy families need healthy environments to thrive. That’s why he works every day to protect natural resources and open space. He secured funds to expand and improve regional parks and develop hundreds of miles of interconnected trails. He is the driving force behind the Bayshore Bikeway, and he is actively working to connect the California Coastal Trail from Mexico to Oregon. And he’s working to improve air quality, protect beaches and bays from pollution, and clean up our watersheds.